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Workplace Eye Injuries are Common – but can be Prevented

Workplace Eye Injuries are Common – but can be Prevented

Any occupation that involves hazardous substances and airborne particles carry a risk of eye injury. While most eye injuries in Australia are minor, some workplace accidents can lead to serious injuries, such as chemical burns and punctures.


The eye is an extremely delicate organ, and even a minor injury can result in permanent vision loss or blindness. Despite the grave consequences, some business administrators turn a blind eye to the importance of eye protection.


Workplace Eye Injury is Common


Eye injuries resulting from workplace accidents are quite common. According to one of the latest reports from Safe Work Australia, more than 840 people made an eye injury claim in 2014-2015. Meanwhile, a report from Comcare states that seven in 1000 workers sustain an eye injury each year.


Eye injuries often occur in jobs that involve working with metal fragments, such as welding and grinding. Any tool or piece of equipment that can cut, chisel, chip, drill, hammer, sand or spray poses a high risk of hurting the eye.


Injuries are also likely to happen in workplaces involving chemicals, compressed air, extremely bright lights and dusty environments.


Using the Correct Eye Protection Makes the Difference


Business owners have an overall responsibility to provide a safe workplace for their workers. Regarding eye injuries, wearing the appropriate eye protection for the task, in addition to receiving the proper training, can prevent or lower the severity of eye injuries.


Protecting workers is best achieved with an approach that focuses on identifying, assessing and controlling hazards.


Start by assessing all work areas and equipment, as well as previous eye accidents and injury reports. Provide a vision test for your employees to address problems, as poor eyesight, to begin with, could cause accidents.


Choose protective eyewear designed specifically for the task or hazard. It should also meet the current Australian Standards and offer a snug and comfortable fit.


Administrators should also conduct a mandatory eye protection program in all areas that have been identified as a risk.


At Maxisafe, workplace safety is at the heart of our business. We provide ergonomic and comfortable protective eyewear designed to meet Australian and New Zealand safety standards.

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