Maxisafe offers complete site safety solutions with our selection of top quality safety products. Maxisafe manufactures a range of safety work wear in Australia, designed to meet the needs of a variety of industries.

We offer both high visibility work wear and disposable coveralls for working in wet, dusty or toxic environments. Maxisafe is a trusted safety brand, supplying our products to retail stores across Australia and overseas.

Our Maxisafe work wear is tough and durable, improving worker visibility and minimising the risk of injuries on-site.

Safety Work Wear You Can Rely On

The Maxisafe brand provides safety work wear that you can rely on. Our products are durable and reliable, suited to extended wear.

Our high visibility work wear is designed to meet Australian safety requirements and come in a variety of colours and styles. We have safety vests suited for both day and night use along with hi-vis polo shirts.

We have disposable safety work wear for use in dusty, wet or toxic environments. Our disposable coveralls come in a wide range of colours and styles offering a number of levels of protection from dust, chemicals, and liquids. Disposable coveralls prevent cross-contamination and reduce sanitation and disinfection costs.

We also offer aprons and spray hoods for additional protection.

Our Brands Have You Covered

At Maxisafe, our brands have you covered. Maxisafe is developed by Techware, a company dedicated to strengthening and growing your business. All of our products are extensively researched and tested to meet the highest safety standards.

You only get top quality products that provide you with a cost-effective solution for industrial safety.

We provide you with full support, from the initial order to the final sale. View our full selection of safety work wear on top.