Professional Safety Harness Suppliers

Maxisafe offers a range of professional safety harnesses that are designed to meet and exceed the safety standards of many industries. When it comes to working whilst suspended,workers and employers need to have complete trust in their equipment. Our safety harnesses are manufactured with precision engineering to ensure that they perform as you need them to.  Fully Independently tested and certified by BSI in accordance with Australian and New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 1891.1 2007.

Safety Harness for Various Applications

Our professional full body safety harness has front and rear attachment points providing versatility as well as security. The harness is fully adjustable with quick release buckles for ease of use. Our harnesses are suitable,but not limited to construction workers assigned to roofing projects, cherry picker operators and window washers .

We also offer our safety harness with a professional roofers kit. The kit includes a ZBH901 harness, 15 metre ropeline, 2 metre webbing sling, karabiner and a kit bag. Other than the roofers kit, our harnesses can also come with an energy-absorbing lanyard with a snaphook attached to the back of the harness. The lanyard acts as an extension that provides workers with more allowance to move around their work area.

Be Safe at Great Heights

Our full body harnesses have straps that are wrapped around the shoulders and connected to a belt around the waist. The harness helps distributes the force of a fall, offering an extra dimension of protection to wearers.