Safety Equipments in Australia


Road Safety Equipment

Maxisafe provides a full range of civil and road safety equipment for use on-site and on the road. Our road safety products comply with Australian standards and may be used in a range of outdoor and industrial environments.

Maxisafe is a trusted safety products manufacturer, catering to the needs of various industries across Australia. Distributing across Australia and international markets through our ‘Preferred Distributor’ Network.

Road safety products help increase the visibility of roadside and on-site hazards and help protect against collisions and accidents. We also offer barricades, bollards, and safety chains. They may also be used for road closures and to set workplace boundaries. Medical kits are also available.

All our road safety products incorporate robust construction with UV stabilized materials making them ideal for use in almost any environment.

An Extensive Range of Site Safety Products

Maxisafe is dedicated to providing you with an wide range of site and road safety products that provide enhanced safety solutions for all aspects of the job.

Our road safety equipment includes a wide selection of traffic cones in a number of sizes. Our traffic cones feature a flexible PVC construction for soft impact and increased durability. The cones bend and fold upon collision to ensure maximum safety.

They come in a high visibility fluorescent orange colour, UV stabilised to prevent fading. Some of our traffic cones also feature high-intensity reflective tape for greater visibility.

We also have extruded barrier mesh, bollards and safety chains for cordoning off areas and for road closures. Our bollards are constructed from the same, high-quality PVC materials as our traffic cones.

We also have a selection of first aid kits and safety kits ideal for use on-site. Our personal safety kits include Hi-vis vests, gloves, respirators and more, all packed in a convenient, watertight container.

Maxisafe offers the ultimate in on site safety equipment. View our full selection below. Techware offers a 100% money back guarantee on all of our products.

BTC760R – 450mm Reflective Traffic Cone
BTC760 – 450mm Traffic Cone
BTC761R – 700mm Reflective Traffic Cone
BTC761 – 700mm Traffic Cone
BTB758-6 – 6kg T-Top Bollard with Base
BTB758-8 – 8kg T-Top Bollard with base
BPM720-6 – Extruded Barrier Mesh – 6kg
BSC759/40 – Yellow Plastic Safety Chain – Heavy Duty 6mm
BPK737 – Maxisafe PPE Safety Kit
BSC726 – Star Picket Caps
BEH765 – Extension Lead Hooks – Pk of 20
BEH765-5 – Extension Lead Hooks – Pack of 5
BLS731 – Maxisafe Extendable Lead Stand
BCB739 – Maxisafe Retractable Cone Bar
BSC790 – Black & Yellow Plastic Safety Chain – Heavy Duty 6mm
BSC789 – Red & White Plastic Safety Chain – Heavy Duty 6mm
BSB792 – Steel Bollard – Surface Mounted 90x900mm