Respiratory Protective Equipment Suppliers

Maxisafe is one of the leading providers of respiratory protection equipment in Australia. From mining to manufacturing, engineering to construction, our respiratory protection equipment can meet these industries’ safety standards. We design and manufacture our safety gear for the highest levels of performance.

Select from dust mask respirators to powered air respirators. We also offer different types of filters and accessories to enhance your PPE. These have been designed to suit different mask designs for convenience and comfort.

A Wide Range of Respiratory Protective Equipment

Maxisafe’s products are designed and engineered to provide a complete respiratory protection solution. We have a selection of disposable respirators, which protect against dust inhalation and other irritants and include basic disposable masks for non-industrial applications, as well as heavy-duty full-face respirators with replaceable filters.

P1 half face respirators protect against mechanically generated particles produced by sanding, grinding and sawing. P2 masks protect against mists, fumes and vapours, in addition to dust. This makes them ideal for welding, spraying and garden dusting.

For high-risk environments, our full-face respirator masks provide complete respiratory protection, keeping the wearer safe from asbestos dust, fibreglass, insecticides and other toxins. They are recommended for emergency services, automotive, construction and agriculture industries. Maxisafe offers a range of dust masks and respirators that provide varying levels of protection from dangerous dust particles or harmful vapours, when appropriate.

High-Performing Disposable Dust Masks from Maxisafe

Our disposable dust masks filter out particles that may be hazardous to inhale. These come in P1-ratings that protect against low levels of dust and aerosols and P2-ratings that block moderate dust levels and some types of mists or vapours.

STS Professional Full & Half Face Masks & Filters

This range of full & half face masks are ideal for use in the emergency services, spray painting applications, pesticide application and the automotive and fibreglass industries.

Powered Air-Purifying Respirators and Filters

These are designed for extreme protection needs. When you need full-face protection, clean air supply, clear vision and comfort to deal with contaminants for extended periods, our line of PAPRs has it all.

STS Filters & Accessories

This range of organic gas, gas and particle filters, seal testers and lens replacement covers ensure that your equipment’s safety levels are never compromised.

STS MaxiPak Respiratory Kits

These respiratory kits provide varying levels of safety from general protection against dust or asbestos-filled environments, to more specialised protection from dangerous paint fumes and chemical vapours. Each kit comes in an airtight container with spare filters and alcohol wipes for cleaning the mask.

Maxisafe Qualitative Fit Test Kit

This is an OSHA-compliant fit-test protocol for testing the effectiveness of any disposable filtering facepiece and negative-pressure half-face respirator. The kit is good for up to 55 tests.

Maxiguard Full & Half Face Masks & Filters

This selection of full and half-face masks are excellent for filtering out mists or vapours as you breathe easy with their twin silicone or P3 carbon filters.

Maxiguard Filters & Accessories

This range of filters can provide safety for environments with organic or chemical vapours, carbon particulates or particulates with oils.

Maxiguard Respiratory Kits

These ready-to-use kits come in either blister packs or resealable, reusable containers. These kits vary by offering a range of protection against silica dust, asbestos, harmful chemical fumes or organic vapours.

Comfortable and Ergonomic

Ergonomically designed, these respirators mold themselves to the wearer for a better fit. They are made with lightweight materials and come with padding for extra comfort. These products are ideal for environments that require long-term respiratory protection. Keep your business compliment and encourage the use of safety equipment with comfortable to wear PPE.

Aside from our face mask respirators, Maxisafe carries complete respiratory kits. Our MaxiPak comes in a range including a general purpose kit that will protect in different hazardous environments. Each food-grade container has a respirator, particle filters and alcohol wipes.

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Top-Quality Brands

Maxisafe distributes some of the best respiratory protection products from trusted brands that combine ergonomic design and comfort to create products for many industrial applications.

The Maxisafe line, our own brand of protective and safety products, includes nuisance dust masks with aluminium nosepieces that can be moulded according to the wearer’s facial profile. We offer products by STS Shigematsu, such as half- and full-face respirators with distinct speech diaphragms, which facilitate speech transmission.  Our team carries specialised respiratory kits from MaxiPak, designed specifically for the needs of painters, welders and people who work with chemicals.

There are industries where serious cuts can end a worker’s career. Here are some of the industries that need cut resistant gloves from Maxisafe:

ConstructionWorking around mechanical and hand saws pose great risks of cuts to workers’ hands. Puncture wounds may also result from nails or wood splinters.

Food ProcessingButchering, carving and deboning livestock or slicing food with manual or electric saws increase the risk of cut fingers or hands.

ManufacturingWhether it’s steel fabrication, car manufacturing, working with fibreglass or other manufacturing activity, these have potential risks of severe cuts to hands. Sharp tools, equipment and end-products with sharp edges abound in their work areas.