Safety Equipments in Australia


Respiratory Safety Equipment

When it comes to respiratory protection, Maxisafe is the leading choice in Australia. As a well-established safety respiratory equipment manufacturer, we develop and engineer our own safety respiratory equipment, upholding the highest safety standards. We cater to the needs of a wide range of industries, including construction, fabrication, mining, civil engineering and more.

We offer a comprehensive range of products, including disposable masks, half masks, full-face masks, filters and accessories. Our products are packed with innovative features to ensure reliable performance and security.

A Range of Products Available

Maxisafe’s products are designed and engineered to provide a complete respiratory protection solution. We have a selection of disposable respirators, which protect against dust inhalation and other irritants and include basic disposable masks for non-industrial applications, as well as heavy-duty full-face respirators with replaceable filters.

P1 half face respirators protect against mechanically generated particles produced by sanding, grinding and sawing. P2 masks protect against mists, fumes and vapours, in addition to dust. This makes them ideal for welding, spraying and garden dusting.

For high-risk environments, our full-face respirator masks provide complete respiratory protection, keeping the wearer safe from asbestos dust, fibreglass, insecticides and other toxins. They are recommended for emergency services, automotive, construction and agriculture industries.

Comfortable and Ergonomic

Our products are not only safe but are comfortable to wear too. Maxisafe respiratory protection allows wearers to breathe with ease while preventing the inhalation of hazardous particles and irritants.

Lightweight and ergonomic, they can be fitted comfortably and worn for extended periods of time.

Our Maxipak respiratory kits provide a full respiratory kit in a convenient, compact and reusable storage container. These kits are designed for specialised tasks — we have respiratory kits for painters, welders, people who work with chemicals and more.

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