Product Code : RFU837

UniMask Powered Air purifying Respirator

The highest level of breathing protection with enhanced inner airflow regulation and a visor with excellent optical and mechanical features make this universal light face shield a true leader of its class.

The NEW UniMask PAPR System pictured here is a PAPR Powered Air purifying Respirator – positive pressure system. Powered air purifying respirators provide a high level of protection for long periods of time. Battery powered portable fan units drive the air through a particulate or chemical filter and blow it to the headtop. Maxisafe offer a wide variety of CleanAIR hoods, helmets, face visors and full face masks to suit. Major advantages are derived from the positive pressure provided by the fan forcing air into the headtop – hood or helmet. This system eliminates difficulty in breathing provided by the negative pressure respirators and reduces the importance of a precise facial fit

Features and Benefits
• The highest class of breathing protection TH3
• Enhanced inner airflow regulation
• Light weight – only 380g
• Excellent optical quality EN 166 class 1
• High mechanical resistance of the visor
• Antifog / antiscratch coating
• Safety helmet compatible
• Neoprene or textile face seal option
• Easy to use and adjust
• Fast and simple maintenance

Replacement Visors available in Clear, Amber, Shade 3 & Shade 5!

• Building Industry
• Automotive industry
• Heavy Industry
• Shipbuilding
• Refineries

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