PAPRs Built for Extreme Protection

Maxisafe offers an impressive range of PAPRs that address extreme protection needs. Apart from providing sufficient airflow, products provide unobstructed vision and are comfortable to wear for long periods.

Intelligent Design

Our products have innovative features that elevate the basic PAPR functions. The Evolve Auto Darkening Welding Helmet comes with a PAPR and incorporates angular dependence compensation. This makes it suitable for various welding work, even those that involve very low welding currents.

The Air Hood Face Shield with PAPR unit is connected to a CleanAIR Powered Air Respiratory System. Not only does it provide constant air flow; it also gives the wearer an unobstructed view whilst protect their face from dusty working environments.

The Maxisafe Full-Face PAPR mask is designed specifically for remediation of materials containing asbestos or other similar contaminants. As such, it features a high nominal protection factor (2000).

Ease of Operation

Maxisafe’s line of PAPRs are designed for ease of use. Our Welding Helmet, for instance, features distinct pivot flip-up mechanisms that make it easier to remove the front piece. The Face Shield features adjustable airflow and alarms that indicate low airflow or battery charge. The STS Shigematsu Sync01VP3 Full-Face Respirator is switchless; it turns on automatically when the wearer starts breathing and turns off five seconds after the wearer removes it.

Wearability and Comfort

Workers can wear Maxisafe products comfortably for extended periods. Most of our products are lightweight, falling between 385 g to 775 g. They sport well-balanced designs that provide comfort. Maxisafe Full-Face Masks are compact and easy to transport. They also come in a belt-mounted version for wearability.

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Top-Tier PAPR Brands

Maxisafe carries products from trusted manufacturers of PAPRs and other respiratory protective equipment.

Our Maxisafe line features powerful PAPRs that come in two versions that are both lightweight and compact. Our Evolve products make use of the revolutionary ADC Plus technology, making them versatile pieces of equipment for welding. We offer an extended guarantee of 5 years — proof of their superior quality.

Our Air Hood products are connected to a CleanAIR Powered Air Respiratory System, which allows the worker to adjust the airflow. We also carry STS Shigematsu switchless and cordless powered respirators.