Reliable Protective Eyewear

Ensure regulatory compliance by providing quality eye protection with our selection of PPE safety glasses and goggles. All our eye and face protective equipment is designed and built to meet Australian safety standards, across a range of industries and applications. Available in different designs, these innovative safety glasses have features that not only protect but provide comfort while being worn.

Durability and Effectiveness

We offer safety glasses and goggles that provide medium impact protection, which is the requirement for many industrial applications, such as steel and civil construction, building and manufacturing.

Our range of safety glasses and goggles can also provide eye protection in environments where workers will experience heavy air pollution with irritants like dust, smoke and soot. The anti-fog coating technology reduces condensation improving the wearer’s visibility in the field. Some designs have wraparound lenses for enhanced protection while maintaining outstanding optical quality.

Maxisafe also provides eyewear specially designed for:

  • Welding
  • Fire Fighting
  • Working with Chemicals

A Comfortable Wear

Maxisafe safety glasses and goggles come in a lightweight design that allow workers to wear them comfortably for long periods. Some also have moulded silicone nosepieces and soft rubber arm tips for maximum comfort.

Our eyewear’s ergonomic design suits a variety of face shapes. Maxisafe also offers options for workers who wear prescription glasses. The Visispec Safety Glasses, which have integrated side shields, are designed to sit over prescription glasses.

Our manufacturers consider style, as well. Our products come in various colours that can match the worker’s task, uniform or preference. Options include Smoke, Amber, Bronze, Blue and many more.

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Top-Tier Protective Eyewear Brands

Maxisafe is a trusted supplier of safety glasses and goggles from reliable brands. Our manufacturers see to it that the eyewear options pass Australian safety standards.

Products from the Maxisafe line provide an unobstructed view, a wide field of vision and medium impact resistance. We offer more than a dozen styles of varying features and colours.

The Evolve safety glasses have modern, stylish and metal-free designs. Some come with clip-off frames and interchangeable headband straps. The Excel glasses have comfortable nosepieces and 9% UV protection. The Navigator line features tinted and polarised safety glasses.