Safety Equipments in Australia


Maxisafe Leather & Cotton Gloves

Full Range of Leather and Cotton Gloves in Australia

GRC143 – Maxisafe ULTRA Premium Rigger
GKR272 – Maxisafe Keyring Gloves
GRP141 – Maxisafe Premium Beige Rigger
GRB140 – Maxisafe Natural Full-Grain Rigger
GPS191 – Maxisafe ‘Split Back’ Rigger
GRC142 – Maxisafe ‘Evolution’ Rigger
GRL144 – ‘Antarctic Extreme’ 3M Thinsulate Lined Rigger
GRL155 – ‘Polar Bear’ Fleece Lined Riggers
GRC278 – ‘Forester’ HiVis Chainsaw Gloves
GLE147 – ‘Workman’ Yellow Work Glove
GLR146 – Maxisafe Heavy Duty ‘Polishers’ Glove
GLC145 – Maxisafe Candy Stripe Glove
GSL233 – Maxisafe Plumbers Studded Glove
GKP103B/L – Knitted Poly/Cotton Liner
GKP104B/L – Knitted Poly/Cotton -Polka Dot palm
GCI100 – Cotton Interlock – Hemmed Cuff
GCK110 – Cotton Interlock – Knitted Wrist
GPB126 – Maxisafe Debudding Glove

Features and Benefits

> Jersey liner with black PVC chunks impregnated

> Heavy duty gloves ensures awesome durability

> Jersey liner for warmth and protection



  • Vineyards
  • Orchards
  • Nurseries