Disposable Respiratory Protection

Maxisafe has a wide selection of disposable dust respirators available for shipping to anywhere in Australia. Designed for functionality and comfort, these respirators protect users while allowing them to work comfortably. Our pre-moulded respirators come in different designs to meet specific needs on different worksites.


Made from a flexible pad, our disposable dust masks filter out harmful inhalable particles. This flexible pad is a lightweight fabric that has moisture-wicking properties. Good for wet and dry conditions.


Maxisafe develops products that are suitable for different applications across several industries. We follow national safety standards in creating our respirators. Aside from dust, these disposable masks protect from asbestos inhalation. Our face masks are available in two types of respiratory ratings: P1 and P2.

  • The P1 masks protect the wearer from low levels of dust and solid and liquid aerosols. These respirators can be utilised in the construction industry, specifically for applications such as sanding, cutting and drilling.
  • The P2 masks provide protection from moderate levels of dust. These respirators are effective in environments with mists, fumes and vapours. This mask type is ideal for welding, painting and spraying.


Whilst safety must be the primary function of any PPE, we know that workers are more willing to use them if the equipment is comfortable. Our disposable respirators are flexible and can fit a wide variety of facial profiles. These masks have a pre-formed nose-bridge that prevents moisture from entering. The straps are made of elastic fabric for a comfortable fit.

Find out more details about our selection of disposable dust and asbestos respirators when you get in touch with our team. We will gladly assist with any of your enquiries.