Product Code : GTC254

TopChem 345
The combination of Neoprene and PolyVinyl Alcohol, two high-performance materials, offers exceptional chemical protection. The superior cotton liner provides enhanced comfort for extended work periods. Topchem is the only elastomer based glove in the market place which provides chemical resistance to the 12 chemicals in EN 374-3 annex
and the 3 gases listed in EN 943-2 standards.
It is manufactured from a combination of Neoprene and PolyVinyl Alcohol (PVA) layers with a superior cotton lined interior.

Letter code Chemical product

  • A Methanol
  • B Acetone
  • C Acetonitrile
  • D Dichloromethane
  • E Carbon disulphide
  • F Toluene
  • G Diethylamine
  • H Tetrahydrofurane
  • I Ethyl acetate
  • J n-Heptane
  • K Sodium hydroxide 40%
  • L Sulphuric acid 96%

Specific uses:

  • Use in association with a chemical protective suit.
  • Formulation and mixing of inks and paints.
  • Cleaning pumps, filters, tanks etc.
  • Cleaning printing rollers.
  • Production and handling resins and composites.
  • Metals treatment with solvents.
  • Manufacturing of polyurethans.
  • Striping with methylene chloride.

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