High-Quality Knee Pads

Maxisafe manufactures and distributes qualityknee protection products. Our commitment to developing high-quality safety equipment ensures you get what your workers need. All of our knee pads are manufactured to meet international safety standards.

Our knee pads are suitable for construction jobs such as welding, plumbing and tiling.

Knee Pads Designed for Comfort and Durability

We offer GelMax and Soft Comfi premium knee pads that come with enhanced features.

The GelMax knee pads are made of heavy-duty polyester fabric, with a closed-cell foam that provides all-day comfort. The large, low-profile cap is designed to prevent roll-over on hard surfaces. The GelMax is easy to put on with its elastic straps and Velcro fasteners. They are comfortable and do not hinder the movement of the wearer.

Similar to GelMax knee pads, the Soft Comfi knee pads are also made with highly durable polyester fabric. They feature an anti-compression comfort pad and a foam core for maximum cushioning. The non-marking design makes them ideal for smooth surfaces.

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Ideal for Construction Work

Our knee pads lead to reduced knee pain and enable workers to spend longer periods of time doing the jobs they need to do.

Our Soft Comfi and GelMax knee are ideal for workers who need comfort whilst working in prolonged non-standing positions.

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