Hand Protection Gloves for Industrial Applications

Maxisafe is the leading choice for safety gloves and other hand protection products. All of our industrial gloves are engineered and manufactured to meet global safety standards, so that you can be assured that you only get the most durable and reliable hand protection available.

Our product range is suited to a wide range of trade and professional applications. This includes construction, mining, chemical handling, mechanics, working with glass, welding and hot applications among others. Our comprehensive selection of products is ideal for businesses working directly in industrial markets. We are a safety glove manufacturer that put your needs first.

A Range of Safety Work Glove Features

Our gloves have a wide range of features that meet the demands of different types of industries and PPE requirements.

For industries that work with chemicals and liquids, our heavy-duty hand protection features liquid proof and to chemical resistant options. We have both reusable and disposable versions available.

Gloves are also available in a wide range of materials, including nylon, nitrile and heat protective materials. Multiple layers and breathable fabrics ensure that the wearer’s hands stay dry and comfortable while they work.

See our full range below and see the full features of each of our safety gloves available.

Our products come with a 100% money back guarantee – If you can’t sell a product, send it back and we will give you a full refund. Call us today!

Top Quality Brands

Our safety work gloves are suitable for multiple industries, including the construction industry, oil and mining and agriculture. Manufactured to the highest standards, our safety gloves, will keep workers comfortable, compliant and protected.

Our range includes Black Knight safety gloves that feature superior quality and characteristics suited for industrial workers. The Black Knight Sub Zero Glove has multi-layered Gripmaster technology that repels water and oil providing excellent grip.

Learn about our range to understand how it sets itself apart from other brands.