Gumboots for Various Industrial Jobs

Protect workers on the floor from a range workplace hazards. Our gumboots are designed to address common issues such as metatarsal injuries, slippery floors and long standing hours.

Maxisafe is a gumboot manufacturer that puts the wearer’s health and safety first. We are one of the leading manufacturers of gumboots in Australia and distribute to international markets through our Preferred Distributor Network.

Our range of protective boots cater to the needs of industries such as mining, forestry, and food processing. Find out more and select the right gumboot safety shoes by clicking on any of the boots above.

Our Range of Heavy-Duty Gumboots

We are here to provide Australian industries with quality PPE. Our gumboots are made to meet the highest safety standards while providing maximum comfort.

Our PVC gumboots include the Stimela and Shova boot ranges. The Stimela range has the Foreman Black Safety toe Gumboot that has a high-quality PVC/nitrile sole, providing exceptional comfort and durability. Its excellent grip on wet, muddy, rocky or steep surfaces is ideal for industrial or mining worksites.

The Shova boot range is a great general purpose PVC gumboot that is made from virgin PVC material. This range is resistant to grease, oil, acid and animal by-products. These boots are well suited to a range of agricultural applications.

Available is a foam footbed that fits both the Stimela and Shova boot ranges.

We also offer hard-wearing Polyurethane and Metaguard gumboots that also provide excellent grip and sole support.

View our range to find the products that best match your requirements.

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Elevating Safety in the Workplace

We understand that heavy-duty footwear is required to protect workers in tough workplace conditions. Our gumboots are extremely durable but are also easy to work in. Our Polyurethane gumboots have excellent insulation properties and weigh 30% less than traditional PVC boots.

We also have gumboots with a steel toe caps for industries reliant on heavy equipment and machinery. The steel toe caps are rigorously tested to ensure that they meet industry specific safety conditions.

Our protective boots not only look the part but they perform perfectly.