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First Aid Kits

Promote site safety with Maxisafe first aid kits. We are a trusted first aid kit supplier, offering a range of products suited to a wide number of industries.

All commercial and industrial establishments should have a first aid kit on hand to ensure the safety of their employees, customers or visitors. Emergency preparedness is a significant requirement for managing a workplace and having a first aid kit on hand can play a crucial role in mitigating the effects of any injury.

All of our kits are proudly Australian manufactured and meet the needs of local workplaces.

A Range of First Aid Kits to Choose From

Maxisafe has a wide range of first aid kits to choose from, each one specialised to meet the needs of a particular industry. While our basic personal first aid kit has everything you need for treating common injuries, our industry-specific workplace kits can provide first aid for injuries that are more likely to occur at a certain workplace.

For example, our Maxisafe Mobile Workplace first aid kit is designed to fit in the glove box or underneath a car seat. It treats common injuries sustained on the road.

Our workplace first aid kits are rugged, comprehensive kits that fully comply with the Safework Code of Practice for Workplaces.

Why You Need First Aid Kits at the Work Place

No matter the industry, every business should have a fully stocked first aid kit on hand. You need to be prepared for any potential injuries that may occur, even if you have strict safety measures in place. After all, emergencies can happen at any moment.

In Australia, the federal government mandates that all businesses should have a first aid kit on hand. The kit must meet the minimum number of required supplies and should be stored in a place that is easily accessible to all employees. You will need a fully stocked first aid kit available at all times to comply with Australian standards.

Be prepared with Maxisafe. For more information about our workplace first aid kits, contact us today.

FMV819 – Maxisafe Personal First Aid Kit
FWV818 – Maxisafe ‘Work Vehicle’ First Aid Kit
FWP824S – Maxisafe ‘Mobile Workplace’ First Aid Kit
FWP824H – Maxisafe ‘Work Place’ First Aid Kit – hard case