Safety Equipments in Australia


Faceshields and Lenses

EBF457A – Maxisafe Faceshield & Brow Guard
EBC459 – Maxisafe Polycarbonate Replacement lenses
ERC430 – Maxisafe Replacement Lenses with Aluminium edge
EBF454 – Maxisafe EXTRA HIGH Impact Faceshield and Brow guard
EBE565 – Maxisafe Clear Visor with Earmuffs
EDG440 – Maxisafe Oxy Welding Goggles
EWH445 – Maxisafe Welding Helmet
EUV350C – Goggle & Visor Combo
RCA-29-Evolve Auto Darkening Welding Helmet
EMV439 – Maxisafe Mesh Visor & Earmuff Combo