Safety Equipments in Australia


Protective Eye Gear

Maxisafe is a trusted supplier of protective eyewear and other types of eye protection products in Australia. Our products meet the toughest PPE eye protection standards, keeping the eyes – one of the most sensitive parts of the body – safe from injury and irritation.

When it comes to eye protection equipment, Maxisafe combines innovation and precision engineering for a product that truly performs. Our safety glasses are highly functional and protect against a range of workplace hazards while maintaining comfort and style.

Maxisafe safety glasses meet the needs of various industries and are designed to protect against projectiles, impact injuries, bright light and UV rays.

They come with durable, anti-scratch lenses coupled with a lightweight construction that ensures maximum comfort. Most of our safety glasses offer medium impact protection.

To keep your safety glasses clean, we have developed the Maxisafe range of lens cleaning products and accessories, just wipe, clean and disinfect your lenses for maximum hygiene and performance.

Comfortable and Safe

Our protective eye gear is designed to be anatomically shaped to fit the face. Our premium range even adjust to fit any face shape, making them ergonomic and comfortable to wear.

We only use top quality materials that meet Australian and New Zealand safety standards.

Our lenses are durable and impact resistant, keeping the eyes safe and protected from projectiles that could cause injury. Polarized lenses protect and neutralise harsh light and protect against UV damage. Many of our products also come with anti-fog coating technology to maintain full visibility in all climates.

We also keep style in mind — our protective eye gear comes in a range of colours and designs to match any work wear or uniform.

Stock up on safety glasses today. Choose Maxisafe.