Protective Eyewear and Faceshields

Maxisafe is a trusted supplier of protective eyewear and other types of eye protection products in Australia. Our products meet the toughest PPE eye protection standards, keeping the eyes – one of the most sensitive parts of the body – safe from injury and irritation.

When it comes to eye protection equipment, Maxisafe combines innovation and precision engineering for a product that truly performs. Our safety glasses are highly functional and protect against a range of workplace hazards.

Maxisafe safety glasses meet the needs of various industries and are designed to protect against projectiles, impact injuries, bright light and UV rays.

Most of our safety glasses offer medium impact protection.

To keep your safety glasses clean, we have developed the Maxisafe range of lens cleaning products and accessories, just wipe, clean and disinfect your lenses for maximum hygiene and performance.

Fully Functional

The lenses are scratch-resistant, improving their durability without reducing visibility for the wearer. Our safety goggles and faceshields are fully adjustable for a comfortable fit. They’ll not slip, so wearers can always perform tasks confident that they’re protected.

Maxisafe is constantly developing new products to better suit the changes happening across different industries. We conduct extensive research to find the best materials and designs to improve functionality and comfort.

Comfortable and Safe

We only use top quality materials that meet Australian and New Zealand safety standards.

Our lenses are durable and impact resistant, keeping eyes safe and protected from projectiles. Polarized lenses protect and neutralise harsh light and protect against UV damage. Many of our products also come with anti-fog coating technology to maintain full visibility in all climates.

Select from a range of quality eye and face safety equipment by calling Maxisafe.

Top-quality Eyewear and Faceshields

Our range of safety eyewear and faceshields are made in the most updated designs using the latest technology.

Our range of premium eye protection products are manufactured to provide the ultimate protection whilst ensuring unobstructed vision. Our safety glasses and visors have features catering for industrial, manufacturing or construction worksites as well as oil, mining and agriculture industries.

Our faceshield range includes extra high impact visors, welding helmets, mesh visors, grinding shields and more. They are ergonomic and easy to wear. The fact that they allow unencumbered work makes it easier to enforce internal safety practises. In turn, this keeps the users safe and compliant with industry standards and regulations.

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