Cut and Needle Resistant Safety Gloves

Protect employees working in construction and industrial applications with Maxisafe’s range of cut and needle resistant gloves. We also provide gloves for industries that require chemical resistant gloves.


Prevent common injuries in the workplace with cut and needle resistant gloves. With Maxisafe’s PPE, you can confidently handle glass, metal shards, wood splinters and most other dangerous materials. Our Cut Level 5 Resistant gloves offer the highest level of protection from cuts, abrasions and piercing.


Cut Level 5 safety gloves are made to function in a range of applications under different conditions. These gloves offer the wearer excellent flexibility and mobility. Designed with an enhanced grip feature, they are effective in dry and wet conditions. These gloves can be used for glass, steel and timber handling.


All our gloves offer the wearer exceptional comfort. For our Cut Level 5 gloves, we use premium leather for its durability and ability to resist cuts, punctures and abrasions. Our Cut Level 3 gloves are made from a breathable fabric that has moisture-wicking properties that prevents slips.

Why Choose Maxisafe

Maxisafe is one of the leading names in cut and needle resistant gloves in Australia. Using the insights we’ve gathered over the years, we have developed several types of safety gloves that are suitable for a range of applications. We continue to develop new products to better suit the ever-changing work environments in different industries.

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