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As Road Accidents Increase, the Call for Better Safety Measures Intensifies

As Road Accidents Increase, the Call for Better Safety Measures Intensifies

Woman calling after an accidentRoad accidents in Australia have been on the rise over the last few years. In 2015, the number of road accidents was estimated to be at 1,205, which rose by 7.5 percent the year after. By 2017, the number had reached 1,225.


As 2018 opened, the average total of road deaths in March grew by 8.3 per cent from March figures of previous years. Road trauma is the ninth biggest killer worldwide and is estimated to rise to the top five by 2030.


As the rate of road fatalities continues to become a problem, an increasing number of people are calling for improved road safety measures. In Queensland, the local government has implemented enforcement and educational campaigns to prevent what is termed the ‘fatal five’ driving behaviours, including drunk driving, inattention and distraction, failure to wear a seatbelt, fatigue, and speeding.


The worldwide road safety community has also been quick to respond. At the 25th United Nations Road Safety Collaboration (UNRSC) meeting, numerous experts banded together to promote ‘safe systems’ methods. Their goals include improved road safety management, safer vehicles and roads, informed road users and better post-crash response systems.


The Australian Trucking Association (ATA) has decided to take action in response to the crisis. In March 2018, the ATA submitted a list of 19 road safety recommendations aimed at bringing down the number of fatalities. The recommendations include investing in road safety infrastructure using data from crash investigations as a basis and bettering overall road safety standards. The report calls on the Australian Government to approve the fitting of electronic stability control for any new trucks.


Also included in the report are methods to ensure a high level of safety standards in road construction, including obtaining TruckSafe accreditation for project subcontractors and having durable and secure safety systems.

Certified Road Safety Solutions from Maxisafe


At Maxisafe, we are fully committed to ensuring better and safer roads throughout Australia. All products in our rage comply with Australian safety standards.


We provide a range of road safety and civil engineering equipment for a wide variety of industries. Our products are designed to keep the roads safe and secure at all times by drawing attention to roadside hazards and helping drivers and pedestrians avoid them.


Products come with medical kits to contribute to the safety of on-site construction workers. We also manufacture a range of protective construction gear, such as hi-vis vests, respirators, and gloves, among other items.


Our road safety equipment includes products ranging from traffic cones and bollards to plastic safety chains. Our traffic cones are manufactured using durable and flexible PVC for the body and painted in bright, fluorescent orange for increased visibility. For road closures, we provide extruded barrier mesh, safety chains and bollards with reflective surfaces.


Maxisafe manufactures a wide range of protective gear suited for a wide variety of industrial operations. Our products include hand safety gear, eye safety gear, knee pads and back support and site protection equipment.


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